Develop a component for the CMS Joomla! in order to generate and create tables in the administrative backend with information from the database using Javascript with Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript + XML) to speed up and improve the speed of data exchange between client and server.


I'm developing the Tabapapo Chat component, which is currently in version 0.9.1. I noticed that using Ajax in javascript to send encrypted messages that are exchanged between users, through the browser form and database, and returning printed in an iFrame, the way to assemble the HTML became more agile. When creating the component's home page with some user information and a table with the index of the records in the component table and parameters, I used the same technique used in the chat system within iFrames. I developed a method to perform the pagination of the items in the table with buttons that are outside the iframe controlling the information that is inside the iFrame. The benefit of using Ajax is that refreshing the HTML page in the browser is not necessary when executing javascript functions making the user experience faster.


Página inicial do Componente Tabapapo 0.9.1


The component will be able to generate tables for other components on the backend and frontend of the Joomla! using this same technique and will also manage the buttons and common tasks of the component controllers.